The central idea of my concentration, is exploring conceptual environments and finding the many ways to portray the environments.

My concentration pushes the limits of how realistic a conceptual environment can be rendered.   Piece 1 depicts a volcano that doesn’t exist in this world, but by rendering the forms with the classical order of  light and various textures, it brings a sense of realism to the piece. In the inked pieces, I use many different layers of texture and split complementary colors to unify the piece and to  create a multidirectional feel to build out the form and textures of the buildings to add realism. Most of my work allows the viewer to imagine what could be beyond the image, or what could be behind the mountain through use of atmospheric perspective. The artwork creates interest in the environments by using both positive and negative space. The goal in these two pieces was to make the negative space around the architecture just as interesting as the buildings themselves.  Piece number 12 combines inking with a silkscreened background to accentuate the shape of the main building while also creating a figure ground in the negative space. The floral framed environment number 9 also plays with how you can add interest to a symmetrical piece through incredible levels of detail and breaking up the framing device around the main subject. My goal of these pieces is to provoke the viewer’s imagination, and make them wonder what else there could be.